Kingdom Death:Monster
■Black Knight Expansion(2024年4月発売) 参考資料■
Black Knight Expansion 内容品一覧(メーカー発表)

1 x Black Knight (50mm base)
4 x Squires narrative sculptures
3 x Black Knight armor narrative sculptures
3 x Innovations
3 x Fighting arts
2 x Secret fighting arts
3 x Squire armor sets and bonuses
3 x Disorders

100+ x Game cards
31 x Gear cards
3 x Settlement Events
30+ page rulebook
Squires campaign records sheets
4 x Squires campaign gear grids
4 x Squires vignette cards
and more!

Romantic Leyline Walker
Axerman Family (3 Models)
Clever Strategist
Popular Guy
Imitation Butcher Armor
Herb Gatherer
Dead Survivor
Tough Guy
Magma Masochist
Champion of the Goblin

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