Kingdom Death:Monster
■Gambler's Chest Expansion(10月発売予定) 参考資料■
Gambler's Chest 内容一覧(メーカー発表)


Atnas the Child-Eater
The Gambler
Crimson Crocodile
Smog Singers
Bone Eaters (Encounter Monsters)
The King

●Armor Kits(計12体)

Crimson Crocodile Armor (4 miniatures)
Smog Singer Armor (4 miniatures)
Death King Armor (4 miniatures)

●Narrative Sculptures(計33体)

White Fang
Last Axeman Standing
Scouts of Death (2 Models, Male + Female)
Bowmaster of Deadrock
Bloody Sword of Deadrock
Dark Eye
Romantic Adventurer
Screaming Hoarder
Cockroach Queen
Beast Hunter Armor
Mad & Mighty Striker
Bone Eater
Bright Knives
Father & Son (2 Models)
Cursed Spear
Sprinter Armor
Honorable Berserker
Romantic Leyline Walker
Axerman Family (3 Models)
Clever Strategist
Popular Guy
Imitation Butcher Armor
Herb Gatherer
Dead Survivor
Tough Guy
Magma Masochist
Champion of the Goblin

●Promotional Miniatures(計4体)

Nightmare Adam
Anna, Gourmet Hunter
Sci-Fi Aya
Neko Twilight Knight

●New Campaign

30 Lantern Year "People of the Dreamkeeper" Campaign

●New Systems

Philosophy System
Scout System
Pattern & Seed Pattern System
Encounter System
Wanderer System
Character System

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